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Delhi's Best Fast Food Restaurant

Written By Unknown on Friday, 20 April 2018 | 23:51

Chowringhee Family Restaurant Satyaniketan has an Amazing food. Fantastic service. The shakes are all good. Even the cheapest. So you can opt  that and it will  excellent and best quality. Desserts to die for. The menu kept on saying small portions. They are not. They are normal and not star sized. Owner will comes out to talk to you. A nice touch. The terrace is cosy. Inside is harsh modern contemporary. You will be  lucky enough to eat at many high end restaurants.This is  the best dining experience you will ever  had. From being greeted at the door to the very end of 15 courses of beautiful food ( to taste as well as to the eye) the service will impeccable,but at the same time relaxed . All the dishes will be  presented on tableware to suit the dish , many with a touch of theatre........"sea mist" at your table would you believe! Nearly 5 hours are spent over lunch it felt neither tardy or at any point hurried. 
This will be  a very special dining experience. This is the place to go. Impeccable, a true 3 star experience in terms of food and service. Experience the best here! The service is superb, especiall staff who are one of the primary people taking care of us. 

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