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Inexpensive Restaurants in Satyaniketan

Written By Unknown on Saturday, 21 April 2018 | 00:04

Chowringhree Family Restaurant Satya niketan , New Delhi where Every course is a work of art, with every ingredient transformed into a component of something greater than itself, into an imaginative blending of flavors like nothing else you have ever experienced. The service is impeccable--I must never have felt so well-attended at any restaurant. Elegant space. Abundant professional staff, very helpful. Amazing dishes with wonderful presentation. The setting, the food, and the presentation were so different and special as to prevent the effect. It is interesting that while the presentations are equally spectacular, the individual ingredients remained more recognizable to the palate. Portions a bit larger on the tasting menu. The staff are brilliant in synchronizing my 13-dish tasting menu with my wife's three (and a bit) courses. We can say that Chowringhee is one of the inexpensive Restautant in Satya niketan , South Delhi . The tastes are sublime, the shakes offered are matched to an enquiry into our tastes and the calm progress of the meal out on the terrace with a gentle buzz of conversation is excellent. And to be able to shake the great chef's hand and pose for a photograph with him just topped off the whole thing. It was a real pleasure to eat at the table of a celebrated rather than a celebrity chef. Superb ingredients, imaginatively cooked, combined and presented and elegantly served made this an unforgettable afternoon.

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