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Best restaurants in Delhi , Satya Niketan

Written By Unknown on Thursday, 15 March 2018 | 06:01

Qd's Restaurant

Well, this is one of my favorite places. Even a plain daal from qd's is mouthwatering. The food is prepared with all the fresh ingredients and spices. And one can find them from the beautiful taste they have in their every dish. You can never go disappointed from qd's. Also they have the best tandoori momos in whole South Campus.

Chowringee Satya Niketan

This restaurant is famous for their khati rolls and Indian fast foods. They have variety of food available and a lot of dishes. There is a peaceful environment and one will love to go there with there family and friends. They have a dish called afghani chicken which you all should not miss. Paneer tikka roll is also very delicious.

Uptown cafe

I really don't know how to explain how amazed I am with quality and friendliness in this amazing cafe. You have to try. Everything is finger licking good. They have the best pizza I have ever had before. The food had something really special- delicate flavours and fantastic ingredients. I can highly recommend. It's a small place but beautifully decorated, I just loved their creativity. Plus the  lovely staff.

Off Campus

I loved the atmosphere of this place - so different from others. The best thing about the cafe is.. You can sit both inside the cafe and also on the terrace. You ha e so beautifully decorated everything. Its a best place for parties. They have the best white sauce pasta. And also the chilly potatoes. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Hera pheri

This a fantastic small restaurant in Satya Niketan. They serve modern food which I was unable to find anywhere else. Food is delicious and coffee is for sure one of the best. As soon as you get in you are received with a smile. Very nice staff. You feel at home. A small, but extremely well laid out space and the friendliest and unassuming service I've come across in ages. The food and drinks were wonderful. And they were beautifully presented.


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